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Dainty Blue features a wide variety of minimalistic accessories that encourage women to express their unique personalities and sense of style through jewelry. The classic elegance of these pieces offer just a hint of sparkle, the perfect complement for business attire, formalwear and casual apparel

 Since 2019, Dainty Blue has specialized in fairytale pieces, items that effortlessly bring a smile to one’s face and add an unexpected splash of sunshine to an otherwise ordinary day. The shop’s curator has had a passion for these items since she was a young girl and is pleased to be able to share her whimsical finds with customers today.


 Minimalistic jewelry:

  • Provides an alternative to large, chunky statement pieces that often distract from a well-appointed outfit
  • Is designed to make the wearer feel comfortable and confident
  • Enhances productivity by not interfering with activities
  • Adds a touch of romance and femininity to the clean lines of classic clothing

 When the curator struggled with finding jewelry that got her really excited, she formed Dainty Blue and filled the online shop with quality pieces that can’t be found anywhere on store shelves.

 In addition, by directly working with reputable jewelers, the shop is able to present hand-selected necklaces, earrings, bracelets, rings, hair accessories and other pieces that are not only beautiful, but are sustainable and humanely resourced, so customers can purchase with pride.

 Dainty Blue’s thoughtfully arranged website makes shopping online a pleasant experience. The selection is intended to inspire customers, not overwhelm them. The curator’s greatest joy is when customers share the positive impact Dainty Blue has made in their lives.


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